Mother’s Day Ideas from Bel Mondo Beauty

Mother’s Day Ideas from Bel Mondo Beauty

By: bmbAdmin | 8 Apr 2015

This year will mark my fifth Mother’s Day – and it also happens to coincide with my daughter’s birthday this year. So, while I will happily spend my Mother’s Day celebrating the little girl who made me a mom, for many moms it’s the one day each year they can expect to be pampered.

Treat mom right! 

Chances are, mom is the person who keeps the lives of everyone in her house (and sometimes everyone in her social circle) running smoothly. Moms work hard – and sometimes the best gifts are simple and born out of the desire to make mom’s life a little bit easier.

No vacuums, please! 

Let’s not pretend that a new cleaning implement is ever a good gift idea – even if mom asks for it, and even if it might make her life a bit easier in the long run. Instead, a better option would be a voucher for a cleaning service. Or, better yet, get your family together and clean the house, do the yard work, clean the car, etc. Trust me when I tell you that there are few moms out there who would not absolutely love to come home to a freshly-cleaned house/yard/car.

Think of things she would enjoy – not simply something she “needs.”

Pamper your wife/mother 

Most moms don’t allow themselves the time to take care of themselves, let alone time to pamper themselves. Think about giving mom an at-home spa day. Make sure the house is clean and quiet, light some candles, put on relaxing music, and have her put on a Bel Mondo sheet mask.

A Bel Mondo mask is more than just a skin care treatment; it can also be an indulgence. The masks are cooling and soothing, and truly give the wearer a spa-like experience. It’s one extra step in giving mom a chance to “escape” for a little while.

Spend time with mom 

When mom says she just want to spend time with you, it’s not just because she thinks she has to say it: it’s true. Think about ways you can spend time with her while enjoying something she loves. Is she a foodie? Take her to that new restaurant she’s been dying to try. Avid gardener? Offer to help her plant this year (and then actually do it – the way she wants it done).

If you’ve planned a spa day for mom (at a spa destination or at home), think about joining her for at least part of it. Perhaps you could take her to lunch after her day out. Or, if you’ve provided her with an at-home spa experience, maybe you could both indulge in a glass of wine while wearing your Bel Mondo masks.

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