Make Your Bel Mondo Mask Experience Last Longer!

Make Your Bel Mondo Mask Experience Last Longer!

By: bmbAdmin | 17 Sep 2013

Anyone who has used a Bel Mondo Bio Cellulose Mask will tell you how luxurious they feel on your skin. Our masks soothe, refresh, hydrate, plump, and strengthen skin;
smooth fine lines, and create a moisture barrier. The mask is comfortable and soothing while you’re wearing it, and your skin feels silky smooth when you remove the mask.

Some customers, though, have discovered an added benefit to their Bel Mondo masks: the extra “fluid” in the pouch itself.

In order for our masks to be as luxurious and effective as we insist they be, they are saturated in our high quality ingredients within their foil pouches. Therefore, when you remove the mask from the pouch there is still quite a bit of fluid left. This contains all the same beneficial ingredients that saturate the mask – and can be used on its own. In other words, don’t just throw it away!

Once you open the pouch and remove the mask, it’s a good idea to find a clean, empty, wide-mouth jar into which you can pour the liquid. If not, you can simply find some sort of “clip” to secure the top of the pouch so the liquid doesn’t evaporate or spill. Use this as a treatment, night or day – whenever your skin needs a pick-me-up!

True story: I used a mask on a Sunday night, and used the remaining liquid as my “night serum” every night for the next week or so. My skin felt fantastic! Plus, I felt good that I wasn’t wasting any of the product.

So, the next time you treat yourself to a Bel Mondo mask, remember to save the extra liquid from the pouch. It’s good stuff & you’ll be glad you did!

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