Luxury Facial Mask for use at home

Luxury Facial Mask for use at home

By: bmbAdmin | 16 Aug 2012

Everyone likes to feel special and pampered. And a spa visit for a full body massage or a spa facial is an extraordinary way to spoil oneself. But in today’s budget-conscious world, many are foregoing the traditional spa visit (or lengthening the time between visits). But spa aficionados still want to enjoy the spa feeling – even if they have to do it in their own home.

DIY Skin Care is one option

Many turn to Do It Yourself (DIY) skin care solutions. They buy natural ingredients and peel, chop, and mash fruits and mix it with honey, milk, or other natural ingredients to concoct their own facial scrubs and masks. And while these can be beneficial and helpful, they’re time consuming to prepare, messy, and have inconsistent levels of natural antioxidants and emollients. So instead many turn to at-home spa items.

At Home Spa Products

At home spa products have been around for a long time. You can buy paraffin wax devices for manicures and pedicures, or a drop in “jacuzzi-style” tub appliance (if your tub isn’t already a whirlpool bath), or choose from a plethora of creams, serums, and masks. But with so many choices comes confusion. And if you buy lots of products it starts to add up. And you’re still not truly recreating the spa experience at home when you’re standing at your sink slathering your face with exfoliants, scrubs, creams, and lotions. Where’s the relaxation? Where’s the pampering? And most of all, where’s the soft white fluffy robe?

Bel Mondo Luxury Facial Masks offer DIY spa treatments

To experience a spa facial at home you have to replicate the soothing, calming environment as best possible. Which means minimal preparation or effort and more luxurious relaxation. And to keep things simple, effortless, and lavish we recommend Bel Mondo Facial Masks. Our bio cellulose masks offer 20 minutes or more of ultimate pampering with no fuss or mess. Simply tear open the foil pouch, apply, and relax. Of course if you’re trying to duplicate a spa day – you can fill your tub with bath salts or bubbles, put on some Terry Oldfield, Kitaro, Enya, or Ray Lynch, pour yourself a glass of wine and soak while you enjoy your luxury facial mask in your robe by (and have your significant other bring you cucumber water). Bel Mondo bio cellulose masks don’t slip off your face so you can wear them from the tub to the bedroom or walk around the house all while you’re restoring and improving your complexion. So if you’re trying to perform your own at home spa facial – skip the slice and chop step and reach for a Bel Mondo Luxury Facial Mask and advanced directly to spa relaxation time – you deserve it.

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