Kyle Richards’ galvanic facial at Carina Skin Care Studio

By: bmbAdmin | 9 Jul 2013

Kyle Richards of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” is a fan of the specialized spa treatments available at Carina Skin Care Studio in Encino, CA. One of her favorites is a specialized 70-minute procedure that uses galvanic micro current to stimulate facial muscles and deliver water soluble products into the dermis.

Galvanic spa facials aren’t for everyone

While the actual benefits or effectiveness of Kyle’s favorite spa facial may be up for debate – the “shocking” photo of the treatment definitely looks scary. Regardless, this fancy treatment just isn’t available nor appropriate for everyone.

Bel Mondo Masks to the rescue

If you can’t visit Encino, CA for this specialized treatment, or if you simply can’t spare 70 plus minutes for a spa treatment – then Bel Mondo’s Bio Cellulose Masks offer an attractive, affordable home-spa option. Bel Mondo’s masks provide super hydration, deliver beneficial skin care ingredients, and provide soothing skin care results. And it only takes 20 minutes in your own home. Sure, Bel Mondo Masks still look a bit scary, but at least you’re not hooked up to electrodes.

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