Keep your skin clear

Keep your skin clear

By: bmbAdmin | 15 Jul 2014

One of the biggest skin care complaints is acne/breakouts. While breakouts can be beyond your control (due to hormonal issues, etc.), there are several things you can do to reduce acne triggers – just by changing some of your routines and habits.

Stop touching your face 

We all do it, whether we realize it or not. We rest our faces in our hands; we rest our hands on our cheeks or chins when we talk on our phones; we brush our hair out of our faces (at the same time, touching our skin). We touch all sorts of things throughout our day – door handles, faucets, keyboards, phones, desks, food, etc. You name it, we probably touch it. The amount of bacteria on our hands at any given time is shocking. Bacteria is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to triggering a breakout (along with dirt and oil – which can also be found on our hands). Stop touching your face, and you’ll cut down on the bacteria, dirt, and oil that accumulates there.

Clean everything that touches your face 

In a previous blog article, we talked about how a clean, smooth pillow case can do wonders for your skin. It’s true that a pillow case can accumulate a lot of dirt, oil, and bacteria in just one night – and you probably don’t want your skin exposed to all of that.

But a pillowcase isn’t the only thing that touches your face frequently. If you use any type of cosmetic brush or make-up sponge, dirt and bacteria is building up on there as well. Make sure to clean your tools regularly (brushes, sponges, etc.). Some lines of make-up brushes have cleansers you can buy that are specifically formulated to keep your brushes clean. But a good quality dish soap will usually work just as well. Clean your brushes gently, reshape them, and lay flat on a clean towel to dry.

Speaking of towels… Make sure that all towels and washcloths are washed in the hottest water available, and never use them more than once between washings. Many people actually recommend washing and drying your face with a paper towel or other disposable towel, but that seems unrealistic for most people.

Wash your hands 

When we talk about cleaning everything that touches your face, we are also talking about your hands. Before applying your makeup or your moisturizer, or whatever you’er putting on your face, it’s important to have clean hands. Washing your hands first will help cut down on the bacteria, dirt, and oil that will come in contact with your face.

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