Estheticians Trust Bel Mondo Masks in the Treatment Room

As a skin care professional, you take pride in improving the health and appearance of every client’s skin.

More and more these days, that means offering resurfacing services that deliver great results but can leave skin dry, sensitive, peeling, and inflamed.

Bel Mondo can help. Our signature bio cellulose sheet masks are smart, safe add-ons that improve treatment outcomes. They feature ultra-moist, ultra-occlusive fabrics that soothe and hydrate skin thoroughly.

Use them for post-care relief following microneedling and microdermabrasion to calm skin and alleviate redness.

Or use them in conjunction with skin toning and wrinkle-reduction devices (like microcurrent and LED) to deepen ingredient penetration and optimize anti-aging benefits.

Our premium mask fabrics are free of toxins and steam-sanitized for safe application. It’s no wonder estheticians in the finest spas and med spas trust Bel Mondo in their treatment rooms.

Bel Mondo Hydrating Mask, applied with jade roller, after microneedling service

Bel Mondo Calming Mask, shown in demonstrations at 2019 American Academy of Dermatology Conference