Improve your beauty regimen in 5 easy steps

Improve your beauty regimen in 5 easy steps

By: bmbAdmin | 7 Mar 2013

We all have beauty routines – some are simply better than others. The nighttime basics usually consist of removing your makeup, washing your face, moisturizing, and then maybe applying some special anti-aging or eye treatments. In the morning it’s likely the opposite.

So how can you improve your beauty regimen?

Improving the results of your morning and nightly beauty routines can be simple. Use gentler, better quality products. Don’t skip or forget to remove your makeup – ever. And adjust your lifestyle subtly – so your beauty routines are more about beauty maintenance than repairing damage.

Eat better & drink more water

You are what you eat. If you eat better and drink lots of water your skin will simply be healthier and look better. Not to mention all the other associated benefits of eating smartly. And yes, we admit, we preach eating healthy and drinking water all the time – simply because it’s true.

Sleep more.

The restorative power of sleep is amazing. Admit it, if you haven’t slept well or have gone several days without adequate sleep, when you look in the mirror – you’ll probably see 5 miles of bad road looking back. Sleep is when the body repairs itself and it’s important for your mind and body and your face. Sleep deprivation also makes you more likely to eat more and eat poorly. And to wake up you’ll likely ingest lots of coffee – which is great in moderation – but when you’re drinking too much, it’s bad for you.

Change your soap

If you’re like me, you don’t always buy or use the best soaps. Sure you might spoil yourself from time to time and splurge on good, quality soap. But usually you’ll grab what’s on sale – especially if you have a big family. The bar soap you use can have an effect on your face’s complexion – even if you don’t use it on your face. You may use the cheap bar soap on your body and reserve a special cleanser for your face. If your shower looks like mine, you’ve got dozens of bottles, all for different purposes. But the quality of soap you use on your body can have an impact regardless if you use it on your face. So upgrade your soap.

Exfoliate weekly

When’s the last time you exfoliated? Can’t remember? You’re not alone. Most of us don’t exfoliate as regularly as we should. When you don’t exfoliate, you allow dead skin and oils and other gunk to build up in your pores – your face gets crusty – even if you can’t see it. The expensive creams and treatments don’t absorb as well and you lose faith in them working. But if you exfoliate weekly – everything will work better. Your beauty products will provide better results. Even your makeup will look better. Plus your skin will rejuvenate itself more rapidly – which is always good. So make time to exfoliate at least once per week.

Use a mask every week

Of course we’re big proponents of applying a beauty mask. After all, we spent a lot of time developing our Bel Mondo Masks using medical-grade 100% bio cellulose. It actually took us years to perfect them. But more to the point – they work wonders. A mask will super hydrate your skin and infuse it with loads of beneficial cosmeceutical ingredients. It will also help to reduce your overall stress levels. And it helps you focus on your skin care – even if it’s for only twenty minutes.

Personally, my favorite friday night routine involves preparing a nice, healthy dinner. Then soaking in a hot bath with lots of bubbles and maybe a glass of wine. Then I slip into my most comfortable jammies and traipse downstairs to snuggle with my honey and my cats while we watch a movie. And then I turn in early. Party time? Not so much for me after a long week at work – but that only happened after I hit forty plus. Now I prefer my week to end calmly rather than out at the bar. I’d much rather unwind at home with some pampering and a beauty routine that has me looking younger and rested on Saturday morning.

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