How to wash your face

How to wash your face

By: bmbAdmin | 3 May 2013

It’s a simple task we all learned as children. However, back then, our skin was much more resilient. As you get older you skin becomes much less forgiving and washing your face shouldn’t be a taken lightly.

Avoid soap and scrubbing

When you were taught to wash your face, your mom or dad probably grabbed the nearest soap, lathered up a wash cloth and scrubbed away. And there’s a good chance you’re still washing your face the same way. Sure, you might spend a little more on the soap but it still isn’t the best way to wash your face.

So how should you wash your face?

First, you should have a special, gentle cleanser specifically designed for your face. Avoid using the same soap you wash your hands and body with – they’re generally much too drying and contain deodorants that can be irritating. Match your facial cleanser to your skin type – you’ll find options for oily, dry, normal or combination skin – your choices are plentiful.

Once you have the perfect cleanser, you need to relearn how to use it. Avoid using a wash cloth – most are far too rough for you skin and they can irritate your skin or underlying skin conditions. Instead, in your hands, create a small lather with your cleanser and dab onto your face and gently run in swirling patterns. The cleanser should do the work for you – so you don’t need to scrub harshly.

Once the cleanser has had time to work, use warm or cool water to wash it off by gently splashing your face. When it’s time to dry off, don’t rub your face with a towel. Gently pat your face dry with a clean, soft towel. Finally, after washing your face, you can then apply a moisturizering day or night cream – or perhaps a Bel Mondo Mask.

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