How to remove wrinkles naturally

By: bmbAdmin | 21 Mar 2013

You can spend a bundle on a surgical facelift or spring for laser or chemical peels – but each carries various risks, requires lengthy healing times, and relies on medical professionals. But there are many natural skin care options that have shown to be effective without the risks of medical procedures.

Retinol and retinoids

Prescription retinol creams have been available for some time. This potent form of Vitamin A has been shown to help reduce the appearance wrinkles. It can cause redness and peeling but afterwards, as the skin heals, it’s appearance is smoother. Retinoids, are a derivative of retinol and are generally available over the counter. Retinoids offer many of the same effects as retinol creams.

Various gentle acid peels.

Unlike harsh chemical peels that requires expert application – other acid skin care treatments can produce similar results over time. Alpha-hydroxy acids, salicylic acid, and glycolic acid treatments are available in various strengths. Alpha-hydroxy acids (derived from fruits) are the most mild. Salicyclic acid is commonly used to treat acne and blemishes and other skin conditions. Glycolic acids are available in various concentrations. It’s recommended you start with the lowest percentage and work your way up as your skin adjusts and becomes more tolerant.

Dermabrasion and exfoliation

Scrubs, exfoliators, and dermabrasion devices all help the skin’s appearance by removing the top layer of dead skin to reveal more youthful looking lower layers. Further, these types of treatments encourage faster skin renewal and accelerates the natural healing of the skin.

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