How to refresh yourself when traveling by plane

How to refresh yourself when traveling by plane, train, or automobile

By: bmbAdmin | 29 Dec 2011

You can step off your plane, train, or car and look and feel refreshed!

We’ve all traveled. And we know how tiring and draining a long (or short) travel day can be. You might suffer a crying child, a talkative neighbor, motion sickness, or simply the dry, harsh atmosphere of most transportation.  But you don’t need to suffer any longer. Now you can refresh and soothe your dry, tired skin and recharge….it’s only a mask away. Yup, if you set aside twenty minutes for a quick Bel Mondo Bio Cellulose Mask treatment once your arrive or at the end of your trip, you’ll start off feeling and looking great.

Lots of folks tell us their favorite use of a Bel Mondo Beauty bio cellulose facial mask is to provide a quick pick-me-up at the end of a long travel day. We’ve been told that some customers like to apply their facial treatment mask when the pilot announces they’re getting ready to start their descent. It’s usually about 30 minutes until they land…so they can pull out a mask from their carry on luggage, open it, put it on (probably scare the heck out of their fellow passengers) and take it off as they taxi to the terminal. Then when they step off the plane, while everyone else looks haggard and tired, they look refreshed and glowing. Others tell us they’ve worn them on long car trips (not while driving though) and while on the train.

Unwind at your hotel after traveling with a facial treatment mask

Most of our customers that talk about using their mask during travel talk about how the first thing they do after checking into their hotel room is to tear open a mask and relax for twenty minutes. And we agree, the cool super hydration of a mask and few minutes spent relaxing on the bed or a couch is a terrific way to recharge your batteries after a long day of traveling. Your skin will be recharged and rehydrated too.

So the next time you’re planning on traveling, take along a Bel Mondo Mask

You really will appreciate the quick-recharge a bio cellulose mask offers after a long day in a plane, train, or automobile. Hollywood stars like to do a mask after traveling, some have even posted pics of themselves. So make sure you pack your facial mask on your next trip, and let us know how much more relaxing your first twenty minutes are while as you wear your mask.

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