How to reduce stress in your life

How to reduce stress in your life

By: bmbAdmin | 2 Jul 2013

We all know that stress isn’t good for us. It takes a toll on our minds and bodies. But knowing something isn’t the same as doing something about it. But in our high-pressure, fast-paced lives – stopping the stress we’re under can be tough – but not impossible. Here are some quick, simple tips to reduce the stress in your life.

1. Seek out entertainment.

It might be a movie, a television show, a play, or even a sporting event. What type of entertainment isn’t the important part – what is, is allowing yourself to step outside of your daily hustle and bustle. You need to allow yourself to become immersed in the fantasy or event you’re watching.

2. Enjoy some music

It’s a documented fact that music can have an extremely beneficial effect on you. And when you’re stressed, it can do wonders to relieve it. So turn on the radio, slip on your headphones, or go to a concert. Let the music take you away for a while.

3. Read something

Just like enjoying entertainment – reading can help you escape your own reality for a short while. It’ll take your mind off of your troubles.

4. Visit friends or family

Or course, assuming neither is the cause of your stress, visiting with friends or family can help you unwind. It also helps to center your mind and align it with what’s important – life and the folks you live it with.

5. Do something nice

Often when you do something nice for someone else you’ll feel good. You’ll feel better about yourself and about life. And that can help lessen your burden. Plus, the recipient is likely to thank you and be grateful.

6. Meditate

Meditation isn’t just for yoga practitioners or religious folks. And you don’t have to worry about not knowing how to do it. The attempt can be just as beneficial. Just sit in a calm, quite spot and try to let go of your thoughts – or think happy thoughts.

7. Organize

Lots of people benefit from uncluttering their lives or living spaces. They achieve a sense of accomplishment and release. Or you can organize your week or plan your activities to provide structure. This can be particularly beneficial if you’re stressed over uncontrollable events – it provides a sense of control.

8. Relax

This seems so simple. But when you’re stressed, relaxing can’t always be achieved. That’s why one trick is to do an activity that triggers relaxation. A warm bubble bath. A spa visit. Or of course, we’re advocates for Bel Mondo Masks. Any activity that can help you reach a state of relaxation is key.

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