How to look your best on date night

How to look your best on date night

By: bmbAdmin | 2 May 2012

Whether you’re staying in to cuddle or heading out for dinner, dancing, and to trip the lights fandango – if you want to look your best, start out with a Bel Mondo Mask.

You’ll be relaxed and refreshed

Young and old lovers alike can often get nervous or excited about seeing their significant other. Whether it’s nerves or delight it will help to relax before your big night. Application of a Bel Mondo mask will not only help you look and feel terrific after wearing it – but for at least twenty minutes the cool, hydrating sensation will coerce you into slowing down – into relaxing. We’ve yet to discover anyone who isn’t lulled into a soothing, pampered experience. Sure, you might still get butterflies in your belly when your date arrives – but beforehand you can be calm and relaxed.

Your makeup will go on better

If you’re planning a big evening out and you’re applying makeup – using a Bel Mondo mask beforehand will have you looking even more stunning. The super hydration of bio cellulose along with the advanced skin care ingredients will have your skin looking and feeling terrific. When you apply makeup to well conditioned skin it goes on better. It’s why beauty professionals have given a thumbs up to Bel Mondo masks (like our adviser Melissa Walsh). Our masks create the perfect “canvas” for application of make-up often negating the need for makeup primers.

Your complexion will be glowing

Time and time again the compliment we hear most often is that “my skin is glowing”.  It’s a good description of the effect wearing a Bel Mondo masks offers – your complexion will be radiant afterwards – often for a day or so. It’s a combination of the super hydration and beneficial skin care ingredients in each of our masks. It’s not exactly magic, it’s simply bio-science, but the results are amazing. You’ll notice and so will your date.

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