How to get sexy summer skin

How to get sexy summer skin

By: bmbAdmin | 27 Jun 2012

If you read the tabloid headlines in the checkout line at the supermarket, they’ll tell you which stars have the best and worst beach bodies. Or they’ll tell you how they all look so good – their workouts, etc. But what they seldom tell you is how their skin looks so glamorous and beautiful. Remember the last time you frolicked on the beach in the summer sun – you were probably a sandy, salty, sweaty mess. But the hollywood stars always seem to be glowing.

Good hydration and some simple preparation

Most of the secret is knowing you’re always a zoom lens away from a tabloid front page. So stars seldom let their guard down – when they’re out in public they work extra hard to look good. Their hair is done, light makeup perhaps, the perfect swimsuit, and they drink lots and lots of water. Staying properly hydrated will always help your skin and your complexion look better. When you’re in the sun it’s especially important to drink lots of water to replenish your body and your skin.

And of course, most stars and starlets use strong sun blocks. They don’t want to prematurely age due to sun exposure. After all, their complexions are worth millions – so sunscreen, big hats, umbrellas, etc. are great ways to avoid the sun.

Enjoy a spa day or a spa facial

Need to look your best. Pop into your resort’s salon or day spa for a full treatment or a simple refreshing facial. You’ll walk outside looking fabulous and feeling radiant. In an hour or so relaxing in a spa your troubles and stress will be rubbed and exfoliated away. Your skin will thank you and so will your publicist.

Figure out how to truly relax

Traveling with an entourage that caters to your every whim; visiting exclusive resorts; yachting on the Riviera; walking the beaches in Fiji; or simply relaxing in Malibu, are luxuries the stars can indulge in without worry. Suites and penthouses and private beachside villas are the norm. And paying for it isn’t an issue so they’re able to relax and enjoy themselves. Something many of us know isn’t possible while on vacation – too often we need a vacation from our vacations. But if you can let go, you’ll definitely feel and look better for your next paparazzi photo.

Indulge in some breakthrough skin care

A new celebrity beauty secret that’s circulating is the use of full sheet facial masks. Popular in Asia for decades, they’ve been discovered by the glitteratti. They’re super hydrating and infused with cosmeceuticals and lush botanicals that help to preserve and improve your complexion. Many also contain powerful antioxidants that corrects existing skin damage while preventing future troubles. And since most are worn for as little as twenty minutes – it’s a quick way to super moisturize your skin for a glowing complexion.

Consider a Bel Mondo Facial Treatment Mask

Several upscale California beauty salons and spas that cater to the rich and famous have started to offer their exclusive clients Bel Mondo Beauty Masks. The quick, pre-dosed, bio cellulose facial treatment mask offers indulgent pampering with quick, lustrous results. It’s why you’ll find Bel Mondo masks used during the spa treatments and sold for home use too. They’re even the perfect pick-me-up for on set as well. So the next time you think there’s a photog’ lurking in the bushes – make sure you’re ready for your close up – don a Bel Mondo Mask for 20 minutes, then step outside looking radiant.

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