How to fight holiday stress

How to fight holiday stress

By: bmbAdmin | 27 Dec 2011

Holidays can be very stressful. Statistics show that accidents and deaths increase during holidays. So it’s important you make an effort to reduce stress and enjoy the holidays – or you could become a statistic.

Try to relax.

Easier said then done right? We all face the pressures of the holiday seasons. Gifts to buy. Meals to cook. Family obligations. Cleaning. It can be tough to deal with but it seems the added stress of the holidays really does increase the risk. Studies show it’s not a myth. Stress kills and it kills more frequently around the holidays. So what can you do?

1. Enjoy some quite time to yourself

Amid the hustle and bustle it can seem crazy to squirrel away some time for yourself. But it’s the best thing you can do. Read a book. Go for a walk. Or take a nap. Do what you like to do so you’ll reduce your stress levels a bit. Even if it’s for a short while.

2. Get a massage.

Buy something for yourself, that’s insanity right? Nope. It’ll do wonders for you and help improve your mood and perhaps your life expectancy too. Don’t want to spend the money on a spa day or facial…that’s fine, pamper yourself with an at-home spa treatment.  Bel Mondo skin care treatments are a perfect idea. But there are lots of available home spa therapies available. Which ever you choose, the important thing is to relax.

3. Workout.

Exercising is always good. But around the holidays it can be even more beneficial. It can reduce your stress, clear your mind, and help battle the extra pounds we all seem to gain during the holiday eating binges. So go for a jog, hit the weight room, or take a swim. But get active and take the time for you.

4. Have sex

Hey, it works. Sex reduces stress hormones and floods the body with beneficial endorphins. And depending on how amorous you get, it’s not bad exercise too. But it also helps you to remember that the holidays are about family and love, not presents and shopping. So hit the sheets…and enjoy a snuggle with your loved one.

5. Go on vacation

Many people are now deciding to get away from it all during the holidays. You can still send gifts or postcards. But you don’t have to suffer all the pressures associated with the holidays when your 1000s of miles away on the beach with a drink with an umbrella. And that’s fine…just remember to call your mother and father on the holiday…or your return trip might see your stress level jump.


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