How much is your face worth?

How much is your face worth?

By: bmbAdmin | 24 Jan 2014

We all place a value on our beauty. Some are willing to pay more than others and some more than they should. But we all desire to look our best. And it’s not only monetary value there’s also a question of time. How much time do you want to or can you devote to looking your best? The answers aren’t always simple.

A Bel Mondo Mask offers value, time-savings, and a beautiful complexion

Fortunately, Bel Mondo has made all of the answers a bit easier. Our 100% bio cellulose facial sheet masks offer spa-like results at a far lower cost. Our prepackaged facial masks are quick and simple to use, only require twenty-minutes, and can be worn while doing almost any other activity. So it’s a win on all sides.

For as little as $18.00 per facial mask (or even less with discounts) you can enjoy super hydration and an abundance of other beneficial ingredients in each of our masks. Prepare for a Friday evening out with a Bel Mondo mask and look your best all night long. Or unwind and refresh your complexion Saturday, after your night out, so you look better than you feel.

Your face is worth at least $20

There’s really no way to argue your face and complexion isn’t worth at least $20. You know if you had the time and the budget you’d easily spend $60 or $90 per week on a luxurious spa facial – but now you don’t have to. For $90 you can enjoy five spa-quality facial treatments in the comfort of your own home whenever you want. So go ahead, spoil yourself – spend $20 – your face will love it. And you’re worth it too.

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