How does climate affect your skin?

How does climate affect your skin?

By: bmbAdmin | 11 Mar 2015

Since the skin is the body’s largest organ, it’s often the best indicator of a person’s overall health. Our skin seems paler when we’re unwell or tired, and changes in skin color, texture, etc. can indicate a myriad of diseases and other health issues.

Our skin can reveal the climate in which we live 

It should come as no surprise that skin is affected by weather. If you live – as I do – in the Northeastern United States, you experience varying types of weather over the course of a year. The bitterly cold and dry winters can be exceptionally hard on your skin, leaving it tight, rough, red, and even cracked or peeling. And the heat and humidity in the summer can lead to breakouts, or even heat rash. And, of course, it’s critical to protect your skin from the sun all year round, no matter what climate you’re living in: If it’s daylight, you’re exposed to the sun’s rays.

Excess heat or cold is damaging 

It’s important to care for your skin in accordance with the climate you’re in. If you’re in a dry climate, you will need to use heavier, more intensive moisturizers, and avoid hot showers or baths. If possible, a humidifier in your home can go a long way toward keeping your skin from getting overly dry.

If you’re in a more humid area, you will be able to use lighter moisturizers, though you will want to make sure you’re cleaning your skin properly; humid conditions can cause oils to accumulate on the skin more easily, leading to clogged pores and breakouts.

Sun protection is critical no matter where you are 

Sun exposure is one of the main causes of premature aging and other skin damage. It’s important to be protected from the sun’s damaging rays at all times – even when it’s cloudy, and even when you’re in your home or car. People are often surprised that it’s recommended to wear sun protection when they’re not outside in direct sunlight, but the sun’s rays can still cause damage through a window.

Topical skin care can treat a variety of skin woes Modern science has given us a wealth of skin care ingredients to keep our skin healthy and beautiful, so the damage inflicted by the climate in which we live can be remedied. For example, Bel Mondo’s Bio Cellulose Facial Masks are made with a pure, medical-grade bio cellulose, which is used often in wound healing. This material, infused with high-potency skin care ingredients, soothes skin while treating the damage that can be caused be extreme weather. Our calming mask can soothe irritation caused by sunburn, windburn, or other inflammation; and our ultra-hydrating mask is the perfect remedy for overly dry, moisture-stripped skin. And our anti-aging mask contains ingredients that help fight the free-radicals that can damage and age our skin.

No matter what climate you’re in, there’s a Bel Mondo mask to help your skin look its healthy best.

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