Happy graduation

Happy graduation, Class of 2013!

By: bmbAdmin | 30 Jun 2013

Whether you’ve just graduated from high school or college, you’re about to enter a new chapter in your life. You might be preparing to leave home for the first time, or possibly move back home. Or maybe you’re starting you’re first “real job.” No matter what you’re preparing for, you’re probably going to be a bit stressed until you fully settle into your new role.

Relieve the stress, and look good doing it!

Unless you are extremely fortunate, money is probably a bit tight right after graduation; you may have college expenses or moving expenses coming up. Or maybe you need a new wardrobe for the fabulous job you just landed. Either way, a spa day may be beyond the reach of your new-graduate budget.

Bel Mondo’s bio-cellulose facial masks are the perfect thing for the new graduate. They’re a spa treatment and a beauty treatment all in one. One simple mask can give you the relaxing benefits of a mini-facial. And even if your skin care routine has always consisted of using a basic cleanser and your mom’s favorite moisturizer, it’s never too late to start a more “grown up” skin care regimen.

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