Give your Mom something she'll love

Give your Mom something she’ll love

By: bmbAdmin | 6 May 2012

It’s Mother’s Day again. I’m sure you’ve already bought a card and you’re planning on giving your mom flowers or something. But why not give her something extra special this year. Give her something she wouldn’t buy for herself? Give her a box of Bel Mondo masks!

Help mom remove those wrinkles you caused

Remember when she stayed up late when you were really, really sick? Or how about the time you stayed out all night and she stayed awake and met you at the door the next morning…worried sick. Angry but happy to see you home safe! Yeah, those worry wrinkles – help her get rid of them this year. Give your mom a box of Bel Mondo Anti-Aging Masks and help her relax, unwind, and look a bit younger.

Five masks can last for weeks

If you give your mom flowers they’ll fade away in a few days. But if you give her a box of Bel Mondo masks, she’ll think of you and thank you each time she uses one. And better yet, each time she receives a compliment on how “good she looks” she’ll think of you too. It’s a beneficial and long-lasting way to show your mom how much you care…and that you’re sorry for all the late nights and worrying you caused her. Isn’t your mom worth it?

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