Girlfriends, Facial Masks and Reunions

By: bmbAdmin | 16 Nov 2012

This coming week is Thanksgiving and for me a bonus, I also have my 20th year high school reunion.  Does that give away my age?  Maybe I meant my 2nd year reunion. Not buying it? Ok admittedly its my 20th. 

It turns out that the weekend after Thanksgiving is a big weekend for reunions because a lot of people come home for the holidays and spend the weekend where they grew up. This is true for me as I have moved out of my home state and am traveling home for the holiday. So good thinking reunion committee.

As you can imagine I’m a little stressed out about the idea of not only seeing family for the first time in a long while but also going back to the town I grew up in and seeing all the people I went to high school with, this idea is a little daunting. Plus I’m traveling so anything I am going to do about looking and feeling great is gonna have to be portable.

So I contacted the old girlfriend crew and we have decided to make reunion day a whole event. We’re gonna meet up and prep for the upcoming event together just like we used to. The girlfriend support will go a long way to making the idea a lot less of a nightmare. I totally plan on bringing a few Bel Mondo Bio Cellulose Facial Masks. Why?

1. They travel well.

Out of the box or even in they fit in my suitcase perfectly and are just fine to go through security.

2. They make logistics easier.

Going out to get a facial for the reunion with all my girls sounds like great fun but trying to schedule it on that busy holiday weekend sounds impossible. I can’t wait to hand each of them a packet and tell them how easy a facial is going to be that day.

3. They are effective.

These little packets of beauty are truly effective at making your skin look and feel great. They’ll help lessen the appearance of fine lines that we have all received since high school. 20 minutes and our skin will look firmer and more balanced before the big night out, giving us the glow that we want to present to our former classmates.

With this plan in place i don’t see how my girlfriends or I wont have a great time. Together and beautified I’m a little less stressed and a little more looking forward to this coming weekend.

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