Get the Most Out of Your Facial Sheet Mask

Get the Most Out of Your Facial Sheet Mask

By: bmbAdmin | 7 Nov 2013

I use a Bel Mondo Bio Cellulose Mask about once a week, so I’m pretty familiar with how they feel and how they work. And I’ve been doing this for a couple years now, so I’ve also learned some tricks about how to get the most out of these masks.

What NOT to do with your facial sheet mask

I’ve seen some forums where people have talked about how they use their facial sheet masks, and I’ll admit that some of their methods are questionable. Some have said they have used their mask, placed it back into the pouch (since it was still wet), and used it again at a later date. DO NOT DO THIS! Regardless of how clean your skin was when you used your mask, the mask has picked up bacteria. And putting it back in the pouch for the bacteria to “fester” is not a good idea. Facial sheet masks are a ONE TIME USE product.

I’ve also seen it recommended that you leave the mask on until it dries completely. I’m not certain about some of the other masks out there, but I can tell you that you could be wearing your Bel Mondo mask for quite some time if you tried this. And, let’s face it, your facial skin can only absorb so much product. At a certain point, the moisture is just going to evaporate – and that’s no benefit to you.

Facial sheet masks can be used on other parts of the body

We’ve discussed in a previous blog post that the excess fluid in a Bel Mondo pouch can be saved for later use. But the mask itself can do more than you probably realized.

I often use my mask for about an hour (maybe longer if I’m watching a movie or something while I’m wearing it). But when I take off the mask, I notice it still has quite a bit of moisture to it. Recently, I’ve started to rub the mask over my neck, hands, decollete, legs, etc. Anywhere I think my skin could use a little “boost.” Especially now that the air is colder and drier, I’ve noticed an improvement in the areas where I’ve been using the excess moisture from the mask. Once the mask feels like it’s getting dry, I throw it away. My skin is reaping the benefits, and I’m enjoying the knowledge that I’m not letting any of my sheet mask go to waste. It’s a win-win!

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