Forget the Flowers: Pamper mom for Mother's Day

Forget the Flowers: Pamper mom for Mother’s Day

By: bmbAdmin | 2 May 2011

Flowers are nice, and almost everyone enjoys receiving them. But this Mother’s Day, why not try something different? This year, let mom pamper herself.

No, you don’t have to take mom to a spa for Mother’s Day. With Bel Mondo’s Bio Cellulose Anti-Aging masks, Mom can pamper herself anywhere and anytime she likes. She can wear a mask while soaking in the tub, or while snuggling in her comfy bed. She can even put the mask on while watching the TV shows she’s been saving on her DVR. Or – the best idea yet – she can wear a mask while eating the Mother’s Day breakfast that you so lovingly prepared and served to her in bed.

Best of all, for about the cost of one spa facial, you can give mom FIVE Bel Mondo masks – that’s five times the pampering! Or, if you want some real bonding time with mom, you can each put on a mask, and spend some time together. Either way, once mom has had the opportunity to relax and treat herself with a Bel Mondo mask, she’ll feel better, her skin will look better, and she’ll never miss the flowers.

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