Feel the healing with Bio Cellulose Masks

Feel the healing with Bio Cellulose Masks

By: bmbAdmin | 19 May 2011

Bio cellulose masks started life as medical treatments for wounds and burns. If bio cellulose is effective for these types of injuries to skin, how can wrinkles and fine lines resist the benefits of bio cellulose?

Studies on various types of wounds, treated with bio cellulose coverings have repeatedly shown improved healing. Ulcerated wounds, surgical wounds, and various burn injuries have all responded favorably to bio cellulose application. Bio cellulose is hydrophillic and can retain moisture levels up to 100x its own dry weight. As a wound dressing, bio cellulose is unique because it can both absorb and donate moisture. A bio cellulose dressing “creates a protective, hypoxic, moist environment similar to an undisturbed wound protected by its own blister roof” – but on a larger scale. Additionally, antibacterial ingredients or other beneficial additives can be added to bio cellulose material to increase its healing benefits.

From medicine to cosmetics

The leap from a medical wound dressing to cosmetic application is small. Instead of using bio cellulose to cover and treat wounds, a bio cellulose mask is utilized as an intensely moisturizing topical treatment vehicle that delivers beneficial ingredients into the dermis. Reminiscent of transdermal patches (such as the nicotine path) bio cellulose’s adheres and conforms to the skin snuggly for 20 minutes or more. During this time, hydrophillic transport due to membrane proximity and gradual temperature increase and resulting pore opening permits moisture and ingredient transfer between the bio cellulose and skin.

You can feel the “healing”

During application bio cellulose exhibits a cooling sensation do to external evaporation even while the skin in contact with the application side mildly warms due to being covered and insulated by bio cellulose. The effect is described as soothing, and relaxing, with many saying they can “feel the healing.” In effect, it’s accurate, since while they’re wearing a bio cellulose mask they are hydrating their skin and the ingredients impregnated into the mask are also be absorbed.

Bio cellulose masks, a cosmetic treatment with medical origins.

Medical research often uncovers new beauty treatments. BOTOX® started life as a treatment for eye muscle disorders until starting around 2000-2002 it was approved for use for facial wrinkles – and the rich and famous foreheads of the world stopped moving. While biocellulose isn’t a drug, its use and origins derive from research for medical purposes – wound care, soft tissue replacement, etc.  But just as with BOTOX, the cosmeceutical industry knows a good thing when they see it – and the benefits of biocellulose were quickly realized. Bio cellulose masks are growing in popularity and their use is exploding as people recognize the benefits and convenience factor. And with popularity, more research is done to improve the effectiveness of bio cellulose masks and into the ingredients that can be infused and utilized.

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