Fall and Winter Skin Care Tips

Fall and Winter Skin Care Tips

By: bmbAdmin | 31 Oct 2011

It’s fall in the Northeast and will transition to winter soon. But even now, skin is taking a beating. As the weather cools, home heaters kick-on and start to dry your skin. Here’s some skin care tips for keeping your skin healthy all season. 

1) Skin care 101: Moisturize

Winter time brings with it dry air inside and out. Forced air heat or radiators or other types of heat can dry interior air which draws moisture from you skin. It’s why your skin feels extra dry and stiff during the fall and winter season. It’s important to slather on moisturizers all fall and winter long to help replace lost hydration. Of course a terrific super hydrating Bel Mondo Mask is  the perfect addition to your skin care routine. Used once a week (or more frequently) it will helps to replenish lost moisture and infuse your skin with helpful skin care ingredients for Anti-Aging or Whitening.

2) Use a humidifier

A smart skin care tip is to use a humidifier inside when your heat is on. It helps to moisten the air and prevent moisture loss in your skin. Use a humidifier in your bedroom while you sleep or place many around the house to keep the air saturated. Just remember to clean them frequently.

3) Sunscreen

Use plenty of sunscreen even during the fall and winter months. It’s often neglected during the fall and winter, but when you’re out raking leaves or playing in the snow, the sun is still shining and can cause just as much damage. More so when you’re frolicking in snow since the sun is reflected back similar to off of water in the summertime. So make sure a good sunscreen is part of your daily regimen.

4) Tone down the hot showers or baths

Just like the dry air from your heater can wick away moisture a hot bath or shower can do the same. The heat from the water washes away natural oils and allows moisture to escape. So even though soaking in a hot tub or taking a long hot shower feels terrific when the temperature drops, avoid the temptation and make it a quick dip, and keep your skin feeling and looking better. 

5) Pay extra attention to hands, feet, and lips

During the fall and winter your hands and feet will take extra abuse. Wet gloves and socks alternate with extra dry conditions to create more skin care problems. So keep your hands moisturized and your feet too. But don’t forget about your lips. Try to avoid licking your lips when they feel dry. Keep a good quality lip moisturizer with you always and apply frequently.

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