Facial Skin Care Basics

Facial Skin Care Basics

By: bmbAdmin | 15 May 2014

At Bel Mondo Beauty, we take skin care seriously. We believe that taking good care of yourself and your skin is an important part of looking good and feeling good. That’s why we created our bio cellulose facial sheet masks: they benefit the facial skin because they are formulated with high quality, proven-effective ingredients; and they benefit your overall well-being by providing spa-like soothing and relaxation.

Bel Mondo masks are one part of a skin care regimen. Each one of us has different beauty needs based on our skin type, lifestyle, climate, budget, etc. This blog will give a brief overview of some of the products you might consider when it comes to keeping your facial skin glowing and healthy.


Even if you do nothing else, you need to keep your skin clean. But that’s easier said than done. Most “soaps” contain harsh ingredients that can dry or irritate your skin. You need to strike the delicate balance of getting your skin clean, while still keeping it hydrated. When using a facial cleanser, look for ceramides (lipids that help skin retain moisture), or other moisturizing agents, such as glycerin or plant-based oils.


Sometimes, cleansing is simply not enough. Dead skin cells can accumulate on the skin, hindering the benefits of any other skin care treatments you may try. A good exfoliant will gently remove dead skin cells, evening out skin tone and texture, softening skin, and most importantly, allowing other skin treatments (such as moisturizers,  anti-aging creams, and Bel Mondo’s bio cellulose sheet masks) to penetrate beyond the top layer of skin.


The skin on your face is particularly susceptible to environmental damage. Sun exposure, dry air, and pollutants can all rob your skin of moisture, meaning it’s important to replenish that moisture. Keeping your body hydrated by taking in enough fluids helps, but it’s only one piece of the puzzle. Your facial skin needs a moisturizer that will not only replenish the skin’s moisture, but will also protect it from further drying. Humectants and emollients are two key components of an effective moisturizer, with the humectant helping skin retain moisture, and emollients working to soften and smooth the skin.

Anti-aging creams/treatments

There are many different types of anti-aging ingredients, so it’s important to find the something that’s right for you. Retinoids are one common anti-aging ingredient – they help increase cell turnover, and may help to build collagen. Many different peptides are used in skin care – they can stimulate the production of collagen and improve skin’s structure.


Free radicals damage our cells – both internally and externally. Antioxidants work to fight free-radical damage, both preventatively and restoratively. Antioxidants such as vitamin C, soy extract, niacinamide, and CoQ10 may even help to reduce the effects of sun damage.

Lightening products

Kojic acid and licorice extract are commonly used ingredients for skin lightening, as is hydroquinone. All three are effective at lightening dark spots (or “age spots”).


Exposure to the sun accounts for 70-80% of all age-related skin damage. In other words, if you want younger looking skin, your first priority should be to protect it from the sun. There are thousands (if not hundreds-of-thousands) of options for sun protection for your face. In fact, many over-the-counter facial moisturizers (and even some foundations) contain sunscreen. A broad-spectrum sunscreen (minimum SPF 30) that filters out both UV-A and UV-B rays is recommended. In addition, it’s a good idea to limit your sun exposure during the middle of the day (between 10am – 2pm) when the sun’s rays are the strongest.

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