Enjoying cocktails by the pool

Enjoying cocktails by the pool, why not treat yourself to a facial mask too

By: bmbAdmin | 20 Aug 2012

It’s late summer. The dog days of August. The weather is hot and you’re probably spending more than a little time by your pool. And you may even be enjoying a cool refreshing cocktail while you sunbathe (a habit we’d frown upon). But since you’re relaxing and refreshing yourself – perhaps instead of neglecting your skin – you could reinvigorate it. You could reverse existing sun damage (and avoid new) by wearing a Bel Mondo Mask.

Bio cellulose is not a sun block but…

No it’s not a replacement for sun block or avoiding the damaging rays of the sun altogether but a Bel Mondo mask will help to minimize direct sun hitting your skin. You should still protect yourself with sun block but if you wear a bio cellulose mask while you’re by the pool you could help to rejuvenate your complexion – maybe more than you’re damaging it by sunbathing.

Bio cellulose’s unique properties will also help you beat the heat (a little). While wearing it the super hydrated bio cellulose offers you a naturally calming and cooling effect. The moisture evaporates and the cosmeceutical ingredients soothe your skin while absorbing. The end result, more lustrous skin and an added level of relaxation while you lounge by the pool. So the next time you and your friends are going to enjoy umbrella laden drinks by the water – remember your Bel Mondo mask and do your skin some good when you’re being bad (to your skin).

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