Don't let scheduling stress get to you

Don’t let scheduling stress get to you

By: bmbAdmin | 16 Sep 2012

September is here and in full swing. With the wind down of summer and the gearing up for school time and the holidays. Schedules pick up as you make plans for family holidays, school sports and other activities. The lazy days of summer are over and undoubtedly you may be feeling the stress.

Stress affects your skin

Since your body and mind are connected on so many levels stress can effect your skin health. For instance when stressed your body will produce a hormone called cortisol, which may cause your body to produce more oils, making your skin more prone to acne. While stressed we often don’t get enough rest and that in turn keeps your body from regenerating properly or at full capacity. So it is important to slow down and destress.

Here are a few ways to keep the stress monster at bay, and learn to cope with the new increase in schedules:
  1. Routine and planning: Make a routine and stick with it make sure to plan out all your various things ahead of time. This will help you keep in step with the new pace but also help prevent over commiting to things you just can’t keep up with.
  2. Take time for you: I know you hear it all the time but you time is very important for the inner soul. You could schedule a staycation one where you stay home and read books or catch up on things you’ve fallen behind on. Or plan yourself a spa day and treat yourself to an at home beauty day. Use one of Bel Mondo’s bio cellulose facial masks and give yourself a 20 minute facial. You’ll feel better and refreshed and your skin will thank you for it.
  3. Reduce the noise and other stimulations: You may not realize it but constant noise can cause your body to become very stressed. Try reducing your noise levels throughout the day by turning off the radio in the car or turning down the television at night. Also, reduce your time on social networking and web surfing. While its great that you can keep in touch with so many people and find new things this is a stimulating activity that can overwhelm us with information, which in turn can just stress you out.

Remember don’t let the stress monster wear you down take these steps and you’ll get through these next months and be beautiful doing it.

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