Don't have time for a spa visit? No problem!

Don’t have time for a spa visit? No problem!

By: bmbAdmin | 21 Feb 2014

Recent studies have confirmed what we all know about our own schedules. Our lives are getting busier and quicker paced. This means we often have to give up or forgo things we cherish. For some, this means skipping their weekly or monthly spa treatments. It may be time. It may be money. Regardless, it translates into going without.

Home spa options abound

Do-it-yourself (DIY) pioneers have been creating home remedies for decades using everything conceivable – from the kitchen and beyond. Moreover, commercial solutions available to DIY home spa mavens have rapidly multiplied over the past few years. Paraffin wax treatments, home facial steamers, aromatherapy, “pro-sumer” level equipment, and even specialized products. Almost every spa treatment can be replicated at home today – but at a fraction of the cost.

Bel Mondo facial sheet masks offer spa quality results

From the very beginning we chose the purest, medical-grade bio cellulose fabric. Then we carefully incorporated top-quality anti-aging and lightening ingredients into our masks to provide true spa like results. The end result has been a facial treatment mask that’s highly regarded by spa and medical professionals. In fact Bel Mondo masks are used during treatments or to supplement between visits at beauty and medical spas from coast to coast and internationally.

But more pleasing to us has been how consumers and DIY home spa lovers have embraced Bel Mondo masks. We enjoy receiving customer praises and gratitudes along with the accolades of skin care professionals. It confirms what we’re creating is indeed helping folks super hydrate their skin while they lighten and brighten their complexions too. And of course, they’re able to do it all at home, in as little as twenty minutes. And with everyone’s busy schedules perhaps Bel Mondo masks can help replace their missed spa appointments – we definitely think they can.

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