DIY Facial Masks are history

DIY Facial Masks are history

By: bmbAdmin | 28 Jan 2012

Making your own face mask has been a tradition for many. Chopping, smashing, blending together fruits and vegetables of all types into a facial mask is a fun time for some. Others simply want to control what they put on their skin. They want to know for sure they’re using all natural products on their skin.

Bio Cellulose Sheet Masks are all natural

Sheet masks, long popular overseas, have now begun to gain popularity in the United States. And with the development and introduction of bio cellulose fabric as mask material – it can now truly be said that the masks are organic. Bio cellulose is cultured cellulose grown in a lab. So it’s not only natural, it’s laboratory pure.

Pre-dosed sheet masks save time

When you want to enjoy an at-home spa day you don’t want to wait to start or work to prepare. With bio cellulose masks you simply tear open a foil pouch and apply. Form start to mask you can be enjoying your at-home pampering in as little as 20 seconds. That’s much better than a half hour or more of kitchen prep before your start to relax. And better, there’s no clean up necessary.

So this year, if you want to treat yourself to a DIY facial mask at home – skip the chop and mix stage and choose a pre-dosed facial mask – a Bel Mondo Bio Cellulose Mask

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