Cool off with a refreshing

Cool off with a refreshing, moisturizing mask

By: bmbAdmin | 2 Aug 2012

Summer is sweltering. And while sun bathing by the pool or beach is relaxing, it’s not very good for your skin. So instead, treat yourself to a little at home spa action with a Bel Mondo Bio Cellulose Mask. You’ll cool off and feel refreshed and you’ll avoid the harmful rays of the sun.

A Bel Mondo Facial Treatment is cool and refreshing

As soon as you apply a Bel Mondo facial treatment mask you’ll feel a cool, tingling sensation. While the mask clings tightly to your face, gently warming your skin and opening your pores, the super saturated bio cellulose infuses your skin with moisture and cosmeceutical ingredients. But the mask never feels warm or uncomfortable, thanks to the unique properties of bio cellulose, the entire time you’re wearing the mask it feels cool and soothing.

So instead of basking in the sun and risking sun damage and premature aging, treat yourself to a little at home pampering and cool off and revive your complexion. Enjoy a Bel Mondo mask and recharge indoors with a little pampering time. For the suntan glow, you can always use a self tanner, and you’ll have a healthy, glowing complexion.

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