Chocolate facial vs bio cellulose mask

Chocolate facial vs bio cellulose mask

By: bmbAdmin | 9 Apr 2012

It’s just after Easter and loads of half eaten chocolate bunnies abound. So what’s a skin care fan suppose to do? Well many will indulge in melting down cocoa rabbits into chocolate facials. Chocolate facials offer many benefits derived from Chocolate’s antioxidant cocoa flavanols. The antioxidants help to repair cell damage while neutralizing free radicals preventing damage. Cocoa butter in chocolate is also a natural moisturizer. And chocolate also contains trace minerals that are beneficial to the skin. However, for the best results, you need pure, dark chocolate that hasn’t been overly processed. So perhaps melting down old Easter candy isn’t the best option.

Melting chocolate or mixing cocoa power is messy

If you decide to try a chocolate facial you’ll discover it takes some effort and time to melt or mix up the chocolate. Melting chocolate also requires you to wait until it cools or risk burning your skin. Then of course once you apply the chocolate facial, you’re sitting around with a face of chocolate mess. It dries and needs to be washed off. And then you have kitchen to clean up too. Sure chocolate facials may offer skin benefits but it requires a lot of prep and clean up. Fortunately, there are alternatives.

Skip the melted bunnies; try a bio cellulose mask instead

If you frequent our blog you’re already familiar with the multitude of benefits of bio cellulose facial masks. Bio cellulose is super hydrating and Bel Mondo masks are saturated with beneficial skin care ingredients. But more importantly, bio cellulose masks offer luxury facial treatments without laborious prep or messy clean up. You simply open the foil packet and apply. In as little as 60 seconds you can be wearing your facial mask.

Bio cellulose masks cling tightly to your face while they moisturize – so you can sit back and relax or walk around and do things. You can’t move around with gooey, dripping chocolate on your face. But with a bio cellulose masks, you can read, talk on the phone, clean, cook, soak in a tub, or do anything you find relaxing. All while you’re delivering skin benefits deep into your face. It’s a simple at-home facial treatment that provides consistent results. And your do-it-yourself chocolate facial doesn’t include advanced anti-aging cosmeceutical ingredients like Bel Mondo masks.

So in the battle of chocolate facial versus bio cellulose mask, to me, it’s an easy choice. Gooey, drippy, messy chocolate that’s better eaten then slathered on your face or advanced, bio-engineered medical grade facial treatments made of all natural bio cellulose infused with advanced skin care ingredients. I suppose it’s preference, but in my book the choice is simple. I’ll eat my chocolate bunny while wearing my bio cellulose mask.

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