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When it comes to facial sheet masks, your skin knows what it likes: all-natural bio cellulose! No other mask fabric hydrates like bio cellulose, adheres like bio cellulose, or produces healthy, radiant complexions like bio cellulose. It’s no wonder that Bel Mondo’s premium sheet mask line is fast becoming the trusted choice of spa and med spa professionals, coast to coast.

Estheticians love the therapeutic properties of bio cellulose. They incorporate our masks into basic facial services, and use our masks to calm and soothe skin after a variety of resurfacing procedures, from microdermabrasion to micro needling. Compare the quality of our bio cellulose mask line to ordinary cloth or pulp sheet masks, and then do what skin care professionals are doing with confidence every day: choose Bel Mondo!

Our Mask Line Features Pure Bio Cellulose

Bio cellulose is an incredible all-natural material, developed initially for medical applications. Durable and resilient, it excels at retaining and transferring fluids and has a natural affinity to bind to skin. Bel Mondo Beauty leveraged the unique physical properties of bio cellulose to make the ultimate facial sheet masks.

No Mess, No Fuss Skin Care

Facial sheet masks are pre-cut fabrics infused with serums that contain assorted skin care ingredients. They are ready to use when you open the package; they do not require activator ingredients or tedious application processes. You simply apply and wear facial masks for about 20 minutes; there is also no clean up necessary when done.

Results in 20 Minutes!

Facial sheet masks are effective because as they adhere to your skin, the ingredients infused in the fabric are transferred and able to penetrate the epidermis. With just one 20-minute mask application, your skin will appear softer, smoother, and rejuvenated – often rivaling the results of a spa treatment.

Targeted Treatments

Sheet masks offer treatment flexibility. Want to replenish moisture? Calm irritated skin? Lighten the appearance of dark spots? Make fine lines less noticeable? The serums in facial masks are formulated to support specific functions, so you can tailor their use to target and correct your skin care concerns.

A Healthy Dose of Pampering

A secondary benefit of using sheet masks is the stress relief they provide. When you take time from your hectic schedule for a session of pampering with a facial mask, the pressures of life lighten a little and fatigue fades. The results show up on your face.

Beauty to Go!

Facial sheet masks are great for home use, but they are also convenient travel companions. Masks are packaged in thin, sterile foil packets – making them perfect to take along on business trips and vacations, or to use before a special event. With facial masks, you can get a beauty boost whenever and wherever you need one.