Enjoy Special Savings On Our Moisture Renewal Mask

Bel Mondo Beauty’s new Moisture Renewal Mask was developed in collaboration with Oncology Spa Solutions (OSS) — an organization that has trained 4,500 skin care professionals in the emerging field of oncology esthetics. We are pleased to bring this premium sheet mask to EC Members at special savings.

Our Moisture Renewal Mask features Bel Mondo’s signature bio cellulose fabric, valued by skin care professionals for its ability to adhere tightly during aesthetic services and to remain moist. It has a cool, gel-like texture that brings soothing relief to extremely dry, sensitive skin — boosting hydration levels and alleviating redness.

The gentle formula is free from artificial fragrances, paraben preservatives, ethyl alcohols, and other potential irritants — making it the ideal add-on for treating any type of compromised skin.

EC Members can purchase Bel Mondo’s Moisture Renewal Mask in bundles of 12 and 24, and your order includes FREE SHIPPING. Please act quickly as this sale event is limited to 500 masks!

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