Can Winter Weather Actually Help Your Skin?

By: bmbAdmin | 29 Jan 2016

We’ve talked before about the ways cold, dry winter air can wreak havoc on your skin. But it turns out there are some skin care “benefits” to be found in the colder weather.

No runny makeup

We’ve all been there: the hot, humid, sweaty day when it feels like your makeup is just running off your face. It may or may not actually be smudging and smearing – but it’s an uncomfortable feeling nonetheless.

Winter gives you a break from this – and the cooler air actually helps your makeup stay in place.

Better product absorption

In addition to runny makeup in the summer, you might have to deal with product that seems to run off your face – it’s not a good feeling to apply moisturizer or serum on sweaty skin.

But in the winter – even if you’re keeping your skin well-hydrated – product absorbs better. Plus, when you’re applying sunscreen (because you absolutely should still be applying sunscreen in the winter months), you won’t be worrying about it running into and stinging your eyes.

The pleasures of pale skin

While some people still think summer-bronzed skin looks better (even though we know how bad tanning is for your skin), there is something to be said for paler skin. Bolder makeup colors can really stand out against paler winter skin. Plus, since you’ll be wearing heavier, less-revealing clothing, you can be a little more daring with your makeup. While a bright red lip may not work when you’re tanned and wearing a sundress, it might be just right with a heavy sweater and jeans.

It’s still important to adjust your skin care routine to address winter weather skin concerns

While we’ve shown that some good can come out of the typically brutal winter weather it’s still important to treat your skin properly. Don’t forget the sunscreen, and make sure you keep your skin well-hydrated (drink water, use a richer moisturizer if necessary, and consider using a humidifier to keep the air in your home from becoming too dry).

A Bel Mondo Ultra-Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask is a great way to keep winter skin looking and feeling its best.

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