Can a 2$ mask be as effective as a $20 mask?

By: bmbAdmin | 26 Feb 2013

Of course not. You can’t purchase a dime store facial mask at your local bodega or Asian market and expect it to be as good as a Bel Mondo Mask. Sure, the $2 mask will be wet and applying it will give you a very temporary boost in moisture (the same as splashing your face with water). But a cheap mask won’t infuse your skin with deep, super hydration, nor will it stay moist for 20, 30, 40 minutes or longer.

It’s the material, silly

A 2$ mask will NOT be true bio cellulose. It might be labeled as cellulose – but it’s most likely simple paper or rayon or some other type of plant or fruit cellulose, such as coconut. Technically they’re cellulose, but just like a Porsche and a Hyundai are both cars, there’s a big difference in quality and performance.

Bel Mondo’s 100% bio cellulose is medical grade

Bel Mondo’s bio cellulose is cultured from acetobacter xylinum bacteria. It is the only method of fabricating cellulose material that qualifies for medicinal use. Yes, we use the same bio cellulose they use for wound care and burn care in hospitals. Then we infuse it with cutting-edge beneficial cosmeceutical ingredients. We’ve written about the benefits of our bio cellulose previously – its long nano-sized fibers hold 100x their dry weight in moisture; it’s hydrophillic; it clings tightly to the face; it won’t dry out quickly, etc.

When you compare a Bel Mondo mask to its cheap alternative you’ll quickly see and feel the difference. Cheap masks dry out quickly, they can itch, they can irritate, and they don’t hydrate as well or for as long as with Bel Mondo’s medical grade cellulose. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself. We’re confident you’ll be impressed, too.

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