Calming Facial Sheet Masks - Just in time for summer!

Calming Facial Sheet Masks – Just in time for summer!

By: bmbAdmin | 4 Jun 2014

Bel Mondo has added a Calming Mask to our line of bio cellulose facial sheet masks. This calming mask provides both intensive hydration and anti-inflammatory agents to comfort and soothe skin.

Gotten a little too much sun? 

Try as we might to apply and re-apply sunscreen, most of us at one time or another find ourselves getting a bit too much sun – maybe even a sunburn. 

Bel Mondo Calming Mask can soothe sunburned skin 

Our Calming Mask can not only hydrate skin that has lost moisture from over-exposure to the sun, but it also contains ingredients that reduce inflammation, and even reduce sensations of pain and discomfort.

Powerful Ingredients to relieve inflammation and irritation 

Our Calming Facial Sheet Masks contain ingredients both potent and soothing to calm irritated skin – including sunburned skin.

  • Caresoft soothes sensitive skin and controls the pH of skin to reduce its reactivity 
  • Green Tea provides potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits 
  • Skinasensyl® makes skin less reactive to external stimuli, and reduces sensations of pain and discomfort Chamomile has both anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties 
  • Allantoin is a soothing anti-irritant 
  • Olive Oil is an excellent emollient and anti-inflammatory 

Of course, our Calming Facial Sheet Masks are made with the same 100% pure Bio Cellulose Fiber material that Bel Mondo is known for.

Calm and soothe your irritated summer skin with a Bel Mondo Calming Facial Sheet Mask.

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