Buy good quality skin care and pamper yourself

Buy good quality skin care and pamper yourself

By: bmbAdmin | 13 Dec 2011

My mother gave me some advice long ago. She said, eat your vegetables, buy good shoes, skip trendy clothes and instead stock your wardrobe with a few core pieces of really good clothing, and take care of your teeth, feet, and skin.

I’ve followed my mother’s advice

I like vegetables. I love good shoes. After college I realized the wisdom of the good clothes over trendy. I take extra good care of my teeth and see my dentist twice a year. I get a pedicure once a month. But the best thing I’ve done is take care of my skin.

Today’s skin care is way beyond my mother’s wildest dreams

When my mother offered her advice, cold cream was the big secret, along with homemade masks and simple moisturizers. She was a bit a head of her time because she avoided the sun and preached sun block to us kids….even though back then SPF15 was it. But today, science is pushing the envelope of what you can do for your skin.  Skin care now offers advanced peptides, sun block in your makeup, and SPF 15 and way above in everything. You can lift and tighten your skin. You can fight and correct wrinkles. You can lighten and brighten your skin. You can reduce and clear-up brown spots and generally smooth out your complexion. Aging is almost a thing of the past.

Beauty and skin care treatments abound

Scan your drugstore or pharmacy or supermarket shelves you’ll find hundreds of choices in a full range of price ranges. Advanced skin care is truly within the grasp of everyone. Now the challenge is knowing which skin care to buy and which to use daily. It’s definitely a challenge. With so many choices, loads of infomercials and star-powered product testimonials, and every magazine touting the latest and greatest – it’s tough to know what to choose. So I return to my mother’s advice. She really is a wise woman – it only took me 40+ years to realize it.

Choose good skin care that works and pamper yourself every so often

I like to buy good skin care products that work for my skin. Not to harsh, not overly greasy, and which I test and stick with for a long time. It’s not to say I don’t try out the latest innovations as they come out….but it takes results to make it into my skin care regimen. I have my staples. A trusted gentle cleanser from Reviva Labs. A makeup remover from Clinique. Bare Minerals for my makeup. And several moisturizers for morning and night for my face and body. As I said, I try new items, but if they cause problems with my skin or don’t provide visible benefits after a few weeks they get dropped. The process of elimination has worked well for me and my “beauty mix” is fairly simple and changes infrequently.

I love my spa days but…

I mentioned my monthly pedicures. Well I have another secret too. I would also treat myself to monthly spa day visits too. My husband is a doll and one year for a Christmas gift he gave me twelve spa day visits. After that year I was hooked. He was forced to replicate his lovely gift every year. So yes, for many years I’ve been spoiled to at least one spa day every month. It’s been terrific. But lately, things have gotten a bit tighter financially, and so I’ve been looking to save a bit. Last year I asked my hubby to skip the spa days and instead I gave him a few home-spa treatment gift ideas.

Now I have a paraffin wax treatment device, a facial steamer, a PedEgg (we laugh about this but it works), a spa tub (yeah, he went overboard on that one), and Bel Mondo Beauty Masks. One weekend day a month he wakes up early, makes breakfast for the family, then takes the kids out for a few hours so I can pamper myself at home. So I relax in my tub for a good bubbly soak. Then I dip my hands and feet in paraffin wax, steam my skin a bit to open my pores, then I put on a Bel Mondo bio cellulose mask and lay back on the vibrating massage chair I bought for him. It’s not the same as a full fledged spa day…but it’s the next best thing. I’m relaxed and my hands and feet are silky smooth and my skin looks and feels terrific.

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