Bird Poop Facials: Are you serious?!

Bird Poop Facials: Are you serious?!

By: bmbAdmin | 21 Aug 2013

We all want our skin to be healthy, radiant, and youthful-looking. But to what lengths are we willing to go to achieve beautiful skin?

Turns out, some of us are willing to go further than others, as evidenced by the approximately 100 people who visit Shizuka New York Day Spa in Manhattan each month for The Geisha Facial® – also known as the “Bird Poop Facial.” Clients pay $180 per treatment to have powdered nightingale droppings applied to their facial skin.

A Long Tradition

Shizuka’s website talks about the history of Geisha using nightingale droppings to keep their skin pale and unblemished – a difficult task due to the chemicals in their face powder, which caused chronic skin problems. The Geisha used the nightingale droppings regularly to remove their makeup and to brighten and heal their skin.

Does It Work?

While some skin care experts have indicated that the enzymes in the nightingale droppings can be rejuvenating to the skin, there is no indication that the restorative properties of the nightingale poop are any better than those of a typical apricot scrub or mask that is widely available at drug store chains. And an apricot scrub or mask is much cheaper, and doesn’t have the “ick” factor of putting excrement on your face.

Or – even better – you could try a Bel Mondo mask. They are rejuvenating, and pampering, and guaranteed to be “bird poop free.”

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