Biocellulose or Bio Cellulose any way you spell it - it's good for your skin

Biocellulose or Bio Cellulose any way you spell it – it’s good for your skin

By: bmbAdmin | 5 Jun 2011

Bio cellulose (a.k.a biocellulose) is an organic form of cellulose synthesized from Aacetobacter xylinum bacteria in a bio-reactor. Acetobacter xylinum bacterium is an acetic acid-producing organism that products biocellulose that is about 1/100 finer than of normal plant cellulose. It’s nano-fiber like structure give it unique capabilities and provides a Young’s modulus tensile strength almost equivalent to aluminum. As mentioned in previous blogs, bio cellulose is hydrophillic and can retain moisture levels up to 100x its own dry weight. It also can donate or absorb moisture when applied to skin (or more specifically wounds) making it an excellent dressing.

Why is bio cellulose good for skin care?

All the unique properties of biocellulose that make it perfect for use in the medical world make it extraordinary for use in cosmetics and skin care. It can be manufacturered and formed into various shapes (e.g., bio cellulose facial masks). Because it’s cultured in a laboratory the process is controlled and sterile by nature. But bio cellulose can also be pasteurized and impregnated with various high-end, skin rejuvenating cosmeceutical ingredients. It’s high moisture content and nano-fiber structure create a tight contact with skin during application – elevating skin temperature and opening pores to allow greater absorption of moisture from the bio cellulose and the additives infused into it.

Biocellulose or Bio Cellulose will be influencing your beauty routine soon if it’s not already

More and more cosmetic, skin care, and beauty industry leaders are recognizing the benefits and unique potential of bio cellulose. Beauty masks, patches, and wraps are very popular around the world, especially in Asia. Large global beauty companies (e.g., Clinique, SK II, Shiseido, etc.) have only a smattering of bio cellulose products available in the United States. But as awareness grows and bio cellulose masks, patches, and wraps become more available in the U.S. market – we suspect that bio cellulose will be huge. And of course, Bel Mondo Beauty is ready today, to supply all your bio cellulose masks.

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