Bio Cellulose: Unmasking The Potential

By: Lou Martelli | 20 Sep 2017

I speak fairly often with estheticians, many operating their own businesses. The majority tell me they steer clear from skin care products that consumers can find on drugstore shelves, in airport gift shops, or discounted online. Understandably.

On the surface, facial sheet masks can fit this bias. They are everywhere.

Social media is saturated with celebrity sheet-mask selfies. The sillier the pose, the more views and shares (Hello, Adele). Beauty bloggers and editors have now flogged the sheet mask craze for three years – praising all things Korean and touting trendy ingredients like bee venom (I’ll pass) gold, and charcoal. Uber retailer Walmart offers sheet masks for less than $3 – priced to move like motor oil and diapers.

Estheticians who dig deeper can discover a sub-category of mask fabrics made from an advanced natural fiber called bio cellulose.  They’ll be rewarded for their effort.

Skin Care’s Most Advanced Fabric

Bio cellulose mask fibers do two things better than any other sheet mask material: they retain water (more than 100 times their dry weight), and they mimic skin contours without losing dermal contact.

As a result of these two physical properties — hydrophilicity and adherence — bio cellulose masks make excellent add-ons to popular professional resurfacing services like microdermabrasion, peels, micro needling, dermaplaning, and more. They function like occlusive dressings – efficiently transferring ingredients that hydrate and calm skin, alleviating redness and inflammation.

The texture of bio cellulose also sets it apart from commodity mask fabrics; its gel-like quality is cool to the touch and remarkably soothing. Clients who try bio cellulose masks get hooked: their skin is suppler for days and maintains a healthy glow.

And unlike complex skin care systems, sheet masks require no training. Apply in 30 seconds; enjoy great results in 20 minutes. Bio cellulose masks are also friendly to the bottom line. Retail markups range from 150% – 200%. (Trump calls this bigly profitable.)

A Favorite With Estheticians

I decided to share this post because recently I received an image from the owner of one of Bel Mondo’s professional accounts. She’s been an esthetician for 15 years, and wanted to show me how she incorporates two of our masks (facial and decolletage) into a new menu offering called “Hydration Party Treatment”.

Her customers love the intense pampering. She’s proud to bring them a truly therapeutic product, designed to heal and nurture skin. I love the fact that she’s benefiting from our business relationship and trusted in my niche brand two years ago.

If you’re an esthetician who has passed on the sheet mask craze, premium bio cellulose mask options are worth a closer look – for backbar, for retail, for happier clients.

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