Bio cellulose lightening mask for mother's mask

Bio cellulose lightening mask for mother’s mask

By: bmbAdmin | 15 Feb 2012

Mother’s mask, Chloasma faciei, Melasma, or the mask of pregnancy is common skin condition during and after pregnancy. The change is facial pigmentation is attributed to hormonal changes during pregnancy. And while often the change in skin tone is temporary and the affected area returns to normal after childbirth; this isn’t always the case. Sometimes mother’s are left with a “mask-like” appearance of darker pigment around the mouth, nose, eyes, and/or forehead. Hence the name, Mother’s mask or the mask of pregnancy.

Many women conceal skin discoloration with makeup

Of course, makeup can be used to cover up hyper-pigmentation and discoloration – but this is simply treating the symptom – hiding the skin problem. However, covering up the mask of pregnancy isn’t always desirable or possible. So many women will seek medical treatment and use lasers and abrasive chemical peels to correct their skin tone. But there are options that can help even out overall skin tone and reduce the appearance of the mask of pregnancy.

Skin brighteners, lighteners, and whiteners are readily available

There are many prescription and over-the-counter skin lighteners available. Both have pros and cons. Prescription creams and lotions can be harsh and expensive. OTC products can also be abrasive and some contain ingredients that are questionable or even dangerous.


2) Brooke Burke discusses her battle with melasma

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