Bel Mondo Sheet Masks – great skin care

Bel Mondo Sheet Masks – great skin care, and no “ick” factor!

By: bmbAdmin | 28 Sep 2015

More men are making an effort to take care of their skin. While women are still responsible for the lion’s share of sales in the beauty industry, it’s no longer unusual to find men moisturizing and using facial masks.

Cosmopolitan Magazine got some men to try sheet masks – with a twist

Cosmo recently recruited some men to try on sheet masks – only telling them after they had them on that they were made with placenta. Needless to say the men were a little “turned off” by the experience.

A sheet mask can be a great experience – for a man or a woman

We noticed several things about the video. First, there are very few men (and probably not many women) who would be excited about putting placenta on their face, so it’s not surprising that the men in the video reacted as they did. There are plenty of effective skin care ingredients available without the unpleasant association of putting placenta on your face.

Second, the masks in the video were difficult to put on, and fit poorly. One man complained that the mouth opening wasn’t big enough, and you could see that the men had difficulty putting them on. They were also in two pieces, making application even more difficult.

Third, one guy remarked that it seemed like a “terrible use of time,” while another asked,” How are you supposed to do anything while wearing this?” And most of the men sat with there heads back so the masks would not fall off.

Bel Mondo masks address all of the concerns of the men in the video. First, our masks are infused with high-quality, proven effective skin care ingredients – and no animal products of any kind.

Second, our masks are one piece, easy to apply, and while all face shapes are different, we’ve found that both men and women find that they fit well.

And finally, Bel Mondo masks fit like a second skin – you can wear them while you’re doing just about anything else. Bel Mondo sheet masks simply stay put, no matter what you’re doing.

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