Bel Mondo Masks are environmentally friendly

By: bmbAdmin | 27 Apr 2014

One of the questions we’ve heard from those who are curious about switching from a “conventional” clay or cream mask to a sheet mask is: what happens to the mask after I’m done with it?

Bio Cellulose is Biodegradable

Bel Mondo masks are made with medical-grade bio cellulose. Bio cellulose is simply cellulose – the main component of a plant’s wall – that is produced by a special type of bacteria. It’s grown in a lab setting, and has a high degree of purity, but it’s still a natural fiber. Therefore, it is biodegradable – it will break down quickly and without environmental harm.

Even better? Bel Mondo uses all natural ingredients in our sheet masks, meaning that our masks are not only gentle and effective for your skin, but they pose no harm to the environment.

Bel Mondo’s manufacturing processes – as well as the ingredients in the masks themselves – are natural and environmentally friendly.

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