Bel Mondo Facial Sheet Masks: the easiest at-home facial

Bel Mondo Facial Sheet Masks: the easiest at-home facial

By: bmbAdmin | 5 Feb 2015

I’m incredibly lazy when it comes to skin and hair-care. If something is too complex or takes too much time, it’s not for me. And I’m not alone: Most of my friends and acquaintances have jobs and families, and very little time for highly involved and labor intensive skin care regimens. We want to take good care of our skin, but we don’t want to spend a lot of time doing it.

A 20-minute facial treatment that takes just seconds to apply 

One of the things I love most about Bel Mondo sheet masks is their convenience. It takes me just a few seconds to open the foil pouch and apply the mask to my face. Admittedly, the first time I tried one, it took me a minute to read and follow the directions. But after the first time using one, it became just like riding a bike – the application is quick and simple, and it’s just a matter of opening the pouch, removing the mask (middle layer) from the two protective outside layers, and placing on your face. It’s that easy.

All-in-one facial mask makes it easy to take great care of your skin 

Another “plus” of the Bel Mondo sheet masks are that they are an “all-in-one” treatment. There’s no serum or cream to apply before or after – you just want to start with clean skin. Once you have the mask on, you can leave it on for as little – or as long – as you like. The recommendation is 20 minutes in order to get the full benefits of the high-potency ingredients, but you can still benefit from the mask if you have less time. And you can leave it on longer with no downside.

“Lazy Facial” 

My friends and I refer to our masks as the “lazy facial.” Applying a sheet mask is quick, clean, and convenient – and I’ve never used anything else at home that could rival a spa-quality facial like a Bel Mondo mask does.

A minute to apply. Twenty minutes to healthier, better-looking skin. It’s a no-brainer.

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