Bel Mondo Bio Cellulose Masks are the perfect complement to micro-needling treatments

Bel Mondo Bio Cellulose Masks are the perfect complement to micro-needling treatments

By: bmbAdmin | 7 May 2015

Micro-needle treatments have become a popular anti-aging spa treatment. Using short needles to penetrate the skin results in the stimulation of the skin’s collagen production.

Many aestheticians and spa clients swear by micro-needle procedures to reverse the signs of aging, firm and restore skin, and balance skin tone. The premise is not only that the micro-needles help stimulate collagen production in the skin, but that the process also helps topical treatments penetrate deeper into the skin, where they can be the most beneficial.

A Bel Mondo Bio Cellulose Mask enhances micro needle treatments

A micro-needle procedure is perfectly safe and effective when done correctly (most aestheticians warn that micro-needling is not appropriate for all skin types – and if you are unsure, consult your dermatologist), but it can cause some irritation for some people. In the case of mild irritation from a micro-needle treatment, Bel Mondo’s calming mask can combat inflammation and soreness.

And even if your skin is a perfect candidate for micro-needling, Bel Mondo’s Ultra Hydrating and/or Anti-Aging Masks can only enhance the results of the procedure. After all, bio cellulose is a superior fabric – used frequently for wound healing – that is the gold standard for treating and hydrating the skin. Combine the benefits of bio cellulose fabric with the premium skin care ingredients infused into the fabric, and you have the perfect complement to a micro-needle session.

If you are considering a micro-needle treatment, think about having a Bel Mondo mask on hand for use immediately after the treatment – or ask your aesthetician to provide one for you. Your skin will be calm, smooth, cool, and feel great!

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