Bel Mondo Bio Cellulose Mask vs. Spa Facial

Bel Mondo Bio Cellulose Mask vs. Spa Facial

By: bmbAdmin | 13 Aug 2015

I am a product junkie. I love serums, and creams, and scrubs, and oils – anything that will make my skin look its best. And while there’s almost nothing better in this world than a pampering day at the spa, those pampering days are few and far between for many women. We’re busy, and many of us have to watch our pennies.

Day at the spa vs. 20 minutes with your Bel Mondo Mask

Spa facials can be wonderful, and who doesn’t want to be pampered? But a spa facial can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 75 minutes (or more), plus travel time. Many of us have work and family (and many other obligations) that don’t often leave us a lot of time to get that spa facial. But a Bel Mondo bio cellulose mask can give you a spa facial experience in as little as 20 minutes. The soothing, cooling masks are saturated with effective skin care ingredients that can definitely give your skin (and your mood) a little lift. Best of all? You can wear your Bel Mondo mask at any time. You may not be able to get a spa facial at 11pm when you’ve finally cleaned up from dinner and gotten the kids to bed… But you can treat yourself to a Bel Mondo Mask!

Expensive facial vs. reasonably priced bio cellulose mask

A spa facial can be pricey. Prices vary depending on your location and the types of facials offered, but you’re unlikely to get even a mini-facial for less than $70. The cost of a Bel Mondo bio cellulose sheet mask? $12 each ($11.25 each when you purchase a box of 4). You can still treat yourself to a spa facial every so often. But now you can get approximately six spa-quality facial treatments for the average cost of one spa facial.

Be pampered in the comfort of your own home

Sometimes a spa facial just isn’t that comfortable. For many women I’ve talked to, they find spas to be a little intimidating. From the aestheticians to the assistants to those working the front desk, everyone in a spa is well-dressed and put together. So, when you go to a spa, you may feel a bit vulnerable. Sure, you will leave refreshed, but you may not be comfortable when you arrive.

The beauty of a Bel Mondo mask is that you can wear it and feel pampered at home. Sit on the sofa and watch a movie, or lie in bed reading a book. You don’t even have to get out of your pajamas; your Bel Mondo mask won’t judge.

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