Become a super parent by sending a college care package that includes Bel Mondo Masks

Become a super parent by sending a college care package that includes Bel Mondo Masks

By: bmbAdmin | 11 Sep 2012

Sending your kids off to college is a stressful event for both the parent and child. Parents have to face the reality that their child is all grown up and will be making decisions completely on their own (oh the horror). And kids, though they might believe they’re ready, will face the reality that they’re on their own, perhaps thousands of miles away from family. They’re thrown in with strangers, dorm mates, and the overwhelming pressure that is college.

Enter the college care package

One of the most looked forward to items any college student (especially freshman) will receive is a care package from home – a box filled with homemade goodies or microwaveable snacky goodness. It might include other things too, such as photos, stuffed animals, games, and forgotten necessities. I have fond memories of receiving my first and subsequent care packages – and they were always a hit in the dorms. Their contents would spur conversations and interactions with strangers; helping to make friends and reduce stress. Even silly things like an old blanket that brings a little comfort can be wonderful to receive.

Be unique. Be different. Be a parental superhero.

Almost every care package contains ramen noodles, junk food, or maybe even condoms (can parents really be that cool?). But unique contents were always the most interesting. Maybe it was a bag full of nose warmers knitted by grandmom to help keep warm during winter sessions. Or a jar of pickled eggs (yeah my roommate got this regularly). But is was the oddest things that were talked about and shared. So be creative when packaging your college care package.

Send ’em Bel Mondo Masks

After a few weeks of late nights… a’hem studying…mixed with early morning classes the transition from skirts to sweats takes hold. And every girl will be yearning for a little bit of “me” time to feel pretty. Bel Mondo masks are terrific for: removing stress due classes; lessening of homesick feelings; or for simply helping to feel pampered and pretty. (And they do wonders for sullen complexions due to illness brought on by something you might have drank the night before.)

And if the goal is to help your kids acclimate to college – send them a few boxes of Bel Mondo Bio Cellulose Masks. Not only will they help to relieve stress, they’re a great way to make friends. With a box of masks, they can “host” a college spa party (or study group) and laugh hysterically while everyone sits around wearing facial masks. Or for the more mischievous they can put one on and scare the crap out of roommates or fellow students. Or they can simply wear a mask and eat ramen noodles while they study.

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