Beauty is only skin deep

Beauty is only skin deep

By: bmbAdmin | 28 Mar 2013

While beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, beautiful skin is partially due to how you treat your skin – both internally and externally. Eat healthy and drink plenty of water and your skin will naturally be more hydrated. Likewise, if you avoid the sun, you’ll avoid heavy wrinkling and possible skin cancers due to excessive sun exposure. Basically, your skin’s beauty is a result of your lifestyle – beauty is skin deep.

Take care of yourself and you’ll look better (younger)

Of course we’re not all blessed with the genetics of a Sports Illustrated swim-suit model but we can all look and feel our best by taking good care of ourselves. Eat better. Sleep more. Reduce stress. Avoid the sun. Four simple steps that can have a dramatic effect on how you age and how your skin looks.

One way to help you improve the look of your skin’s beauty is to take a little extra time to pamper yourself regularly. By simply escaping for 20-30 minutes to enjoy extreme hydration and to remove life’s stress – you can do wonders and marvel at the restorative effects. The perfect solution? A Bel Mondo Bio Cellulose Mask!

Spa results at home!

If we all had the time and money we’d have weekly or daily spa dates schedule from now until the end of time. But it’s simply not possible for most of us. So instead, we can turn to quick and easy rejuvenating at-home spa treatments. Nothing elaborate or tricky to prepare or use of course. Just a simple full sheet mask treatment.

Mask treatments are extremely popular in Asia and they’ve been catching on in America. Bel Mondo’s bio cellulose mask facial treatments are pre-packaged masks that come in foil pouches – ready to apply in 30 seconds. Tear open the foil pouch, unfold the mask, separate the layers, and apply to your face. It’s quick and easy and the effects last for hours or days.

Super hydration plus

Bel Mondo masks use medical grade bio cellulose, which holds 100x it’s dry weight in moisture, and are infused with special cosmeceutical ingredients. Upon application the bio cellulose fabric clings snugly to your face delivering super hydration while gently soothing and cooling your face. Better yet, while your face soaks in the moisture, beneficial ingredients are absorbed too. And while you can walk around and remain active while wearing the mask – most will find themselves motivated to lounge about while they enjoy the effect. This induced relaxed state helps to mitigate stress while you rejuvenate your complexion.

So the next time you need to unwind or before your next big night out – spend twenty minutes pampering yourself with a Bel Mondo bio cellulose mask – and you’ll deeply improve your skin’s beauty.

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