Beautiful facial. Beautiful complexion.

Beautiful facial. Beautiful complexion.

By: bmbAdmin | 9 Sep 2012

A well done facial can enhance and renew your complexion. It can invigorate your skin and your overall well being too. The various steps in a spa facial treatment are all designed to remove dead skin, repair damaged skin, moisturize deeply, and restore your mind, body, and soul.

The spa facial basics

Exfoliation is often the very first step (though sometimes a clinician will cleanse your skin before exfoliating). Exfoliation removes dead or damaged skin cells that can often clog pores or inhibit absorption of follow-up treatments. By removing the top layer of skin via gentle abrasion or via mild acids it exposes younger, supple skin below. This newer, youthful skin is “raw” and ready to benefit from successive treatment steps.


The new skin is generally exposed to a warm, moist, steam treatment for several minutes. Or sometimes warm moist towels are used instead of steam. In either case, the warm moist heat is intended to open pores and to help sweat out impurities.

Massage and moisturizing

Generally the next step is the application of a soothing moisturizing treatment while your face, neck, and shoulders are massaged. This step has two benefits. The massage helps to relax you and reduce stress levels and stress hormones – which can be bad for your complexion. And the massage helps to increase circulation while encouraging the moisturizer to absorb better.

Mask application

A custom mask treatment is often prepared for you that addresses your individual needs. It may be hydration, brightening, antioxidants, or anti-aging. The mask is applied wet and after 10 minutes or so dries or hardens to a pliable texture. It’s peeled off and discarded. Depending on the type of mask treatment another layer of moisturizer may be applied.

Serums and special therapies

Often, after the mask, your spa therapist will apply additional serums or treatments (which may cost extra). This may be anti-aging serums, lighteners, or similar agents. It may be, as mentioned above, to replace moisture lost during the mask phase.

Typically, spa facial treatments last between 30 and 90 minutes – with the average around an hour. When you leave, you’ll usually feel more relaxed, and your skin will feel and look terrific.

Replicating a beautiful facial at home

Aside from the pampering and gentle massage portion of a spa facial – many of the steps can be performed at home. Scrubs and exfoliants are readily available at most drug stores or may be sold at your local spa too. Likewise, facial steamers are also available at beauty supply or drug stores. Or you can use the warm, moist towel option. However, until now, the mask, moisturizer, and serum components were a bit more tricky. Since spa masks are mixed from powdered ingredients at the time of service, replicating this option was either expensive or impossible. Fortunately, with Bel Mondo’s full sheet masks – the final three stages are now combined in one easy-to-use mask.

Bel Mondo bio cellulose masks are super hydrating and pre-dosed with either anti-aging or lightening ingredients. And each mask contains antioxidants and moisturizers too. So the time, effort, and expense to find a mask, a moisturizer, and special treatment is removed from your at-home facial treatment. Instead, you simply cleanse, exfoliate, and apply a Bel Mondo bio cellulose mask. The end results – a beautiful facial, and a beautiful complexion.

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