Attention, celebrities: You’re doing your sheet mask selfies wrong!

By: bmbAdmin | 8 Sep 2015

We’re obsessed with great skin care – especially sheet masks (obviously). So, it’s not surprising that we read a lot of articles from beauty magazines, blogs, etc. about sheet masks.

Recently, it’s become trendy for celebrities to post selfies wearing facial masks – both the traditional clay types and the more modern sheet masks. The sheet mask market has been growing rapidly in the US, and there are many different formulations and materials to choose from.

Bel Mondo’s bio cellulose masks fit like a second skin

One of the things we noticed about the celebrity mask selfies is how poorly they fit. Parts of the masks sagging off, pieces hanging down, the masks slipping down the face. It’s clear these celebrities are using inferior quality masks.

A Bel Mondo bio cellulose mask adheres to the face like a second skin. No sagging or drooping, and no pulling away from the face as it dries out – because Bel Mondo’s unique bio cellulose fabric loses less than 10% of its moisture and serum after 30 minutes of application. This means it’s holding tight to the skin, and keeping the skin in contact with the ingredients in the mask.

So, celebrities… next time you’re in the mood to post a sheet mask selfie, make it less “scary” – and more effective – and use a Bel Mondo mask!

Here’s how to apply a sheet mask properly

And here’s how well they should adhere

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