At home spa treatments are increasingly popular

At home spa treatments are increasingly popular

By: bmbAdmin | 4 Jan 2012

Whether it’s the DIY skin care type or a savvy spa customer trying to extend their results between spa visits – at home spa therapies are booming.

DIY Skin Care and At Home Spa Aficionados

Many folks like to control what they mix-up and apply to their skin. They’re fans of all natural ingredients and believe that nature is the ultimate manufacturer of quality skin care. They enjoy starting an at home spa day by cutting, mashing, mixing, and blending. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Avocado masks and foods slathered on the face and body have been popular and beneficial to the skin since ancient times. We understand a bio cellulose mask may not be their cup of mayonnaise.

But for the other half of the DIY Skin Care / At Home Spa group – they’re goal is to enhance, prolong, or replace their typical spa visit treatment. And Bel Mondo Masks are a perfect solution. Bel Mondo’s “bio-engineered” masks start out as organically cultured bio cellulose. Created by bacteria, the bio cellulose is then purified and preserved before it’s infused with mostly natural cutting-edge skin care ingredients. Our masks aren’t the same as mashing banana and papaya into a paste but then again a mashed fruit mask can’t offer the high potency anti-aging or brightening ingredients. And almost nothing can compare to the super hydration achievable with bio cellulose.

Extend, Enhance, or Eradicate Spa Visits

Bel Mondo Masks can be used in place of a spa visit. Used frequently, they can help to keep your skin looking brilliant and offer cumulative benefits. However, one of the best uses of Bel Mondo Beauty masks are to augment your spa visits. To prolong the spa glow from your last visit or to enhance the radiance from your last facial. Many have found that they can extend the time between visits by supplementing a spa day with an at home pampering with Bel Mondo bio cellulose masks.

We’ll admit it, a visit to the spa is tough to replace – the relaxing atmosphere, the pampering from head to toe, and the sheer enjoyment of being catered to and massaged all over – it’s luxurious. But for the typical cost of one spa day you could have several boxes of Bel Mondo masks – enough to provide hours of super moisturizing at home pampering. 

In only twenty minutes (or longer) micro spa treatments with Bel Mondo Masks can be enjoyed throughout the week. Part of the Bel Mondo benefit is you can wear a mask anytime doingalmost anything. Unlike other masks and facial treatments, a biocellulose masks clings to your face….so you can move around freely. Hard day at work? Put on a mask, have some wine, and stretch out on the couch. Hard workout at the gym? Soak your sore muscle in a hot bath while wearing a Bel Mondo Mask. Worked outside in the yard all weekend? Unwind Sunday evening in your hot tub with a mask or simply lie in bed while “masking”. Planning a special evening? You can cook dinner while wearing a mask and look extra radiant when your special guest arrives.

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